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Still on the roller coaster

Fin myself in a strange place between exhilaration and shit-scared. Bear with me. Writing a book and launching it out into the world is not too unlike the feeling when I moved out of home. Couldn’t be happier but uneasy about the next stage. The self-doubts only kept at bay by a slightly fluffier sense of self-belief. And boy, it’s been hard work. Kind of like climbing the mountain with lead weights strapped to your ankles only to find at the top there’s another mountain to climb. But as Cheryl Strayed eloquently put it, “coal mining is harder”, so toughen up sweetheart.

And there’s been some lessons along the way:

  • It takes time. Man, are there some solitary hours involved in this business. But then, anything worthwhile takes time, right?
  • Ditch perfection. She’s an evil woman and she’s not your friend
  • Approach the whole damn enterprise like a small child: curious, unburdened, full of possibilities.

And now here I am, and here you are. Still on the roller coaster. Ready for the big dip but hoping for the climb on the other side. And you’re wondering about that book I’ve written. I assure you it’s packed with sex, death, romance, violence, swords, tears, wit and wisdom and is quite simply an unforgettable addition to the fantasy slash romance slash erotica genre.

So think of me hunched over my keyboard all day. Get hold of a copy of The River and the Ravages, give it a go, write a review. The God of Good Luck and Warm Fuzzy Feelings will shine down on your efforts. You can always resell it on ebay and buy beer.

Thanking you.

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