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Let’s pass on the drum roll. It’s been done before. Let’s go for the sound of rushing water as I softly make my way (Moses style) through the parted sea holding my book. With that image firmly in your mind, I’d like to announce I’m holding a giveaway of my book, The River and the Ravages, on Goodreads. Yes, you read correctly. GIVE. AWAY. An absolute freebie for you. A cost for me. You’d be quite the silly duffer if you didn’t give it a go. Need I remind you how close Christmas is? Need I point out that, although there are millions of books out there, mine is one where characters outgrow themselves, where lessons are learned the hard way, where conflict is all around but is one hell of an entertaining read?

By reading it, you also get the opportunity to review it and put me firmly in my place…whether that be the dog house or the ivory tower. Sounds fun, right? So make a beeline to Goodreads giveaway page and go for it. Ends 13 September 2017.





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  • The do road works with style in Tokyo. Hello kitty is used to control traffic. Now that’s an advanced country. #kawaii
  • Shimokitazawa our destination today. Tokyo’s rather fab vintage clothing hub. Did I find a bargain? Nope. But it was ace  looking at all the cool kids and fine threads. 😎
  • Tokyo is a mad crazy town. Shibuya at 10pm on a Sunday night and it’s teeming with people. @kellielawler We managed to do the crossing without loosing an eyeball. Now for some 😴 💤
  • Ah Tokyo, you’re too damn good. A mighty chill day. Even snowed for a bit. Experienced the Harajuku crush all for some squishies and a gigantic fairy floss. Awesome day out. 😎 This wonderful park is right near our accommodation (in Kichioji)
  • The first day it didn’t snow. Sun peaked out from behind clouds and the whole place just glittered. you’re just showing off. Bye Niseko...Off to Tokyo tomorrow. ✈️
  • Happy child. Snow = play. Simple equation. Never fails.
  • Good morning Japan. View from the room today. Feel like I’m living in a snow dome.
  • Finally made it to Japan. It’s snowing cats and dogs. It’s all so incredibly beautiful feel kinda teary. Here’s to making long awaited dreams come true. #skijapan #beautifulmoment #jmlawler
  • There’s only one way to end the day when it’s this 🥵. Summer beach love. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

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